5 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

5 Tips to Help You Prepare for a Tooth Extraction
Posted on 02/07/2019
Tooth Extraction
Do you have an upcoming tooth extraction that you're nervous about? Read on to learn 5 tips to prepare for a tooth extraction. 

Tens of millions of teeth are extracted from patients across the United States every year.

There are many reasons why dentists perform this common procedure. In nearly all cases, patient's oral health and comfort improve post extraction.

The frequency of tooth extraction procedures may bring patients nervous prior to their surgery little comfort.

As a matter of fact, common worries like pain, effects from anesthesia and more can make the lead up to a tooth extraction much worst than the actual extraction.

To help combat that trend of worry, below are some helpful tips to keep in mind prior to showing up for a tooth extraction. When armed with these tips and a qualified surgeon, patients can rest assured that their extraction experience will be void of complications.

1. Understand The Reason For a Dental Extraction

Often patients opt into whatever procedures are recommended by their dentist without fully understanding why a procedure is the best course of action. It's important that patients make a concerted effort to understand why surgery is being recommended and what to expect afterward.

For example, dental extractions of adult teeth mean that the tooth that's pulled won't grow back. What are a patient's options regarding their missing tooth cosmetically? What issues might arise from leaving the vacant area present when eating and speaking?

The more a person knows about their extraction, its necessity, and any resulting fallout, the better.

2. Be Prepared to Share Medical History

As with any surgery, dental extraction patients should be prepared to share medical history with their surgeon.

Things like allergies, health issues, and current prescriptions are all important to communicate.

3. Arrange For Transportation

A dental extraction will likely have a patient utilizing some form of anesthesia to avoid feeling pain during the operation. Driving while under the effects of anesthesia can be extremely dangerous.

To ensure the safety of the patient and others, it's recommended that a family member or friend help them to and from their appointment.

4. Fast Prior to Surgery

A surgeon will walk a patient through what specific fasting requirements may be necessary per their unique procedure. In most cases though, patents facing a tooth extraction should prepare to fast around 12 hours prior to getting extractions done.

This helps reduce the risk of complications caused by anesthesia.

5. Take Any Necessary Medications & Relax

Finally, if a surgeon has recommended specific pre-surgery medications, patents should be sure to take them within their prescribed timetable and, most importantly, should do their best to relax.

When working with a qualified oral surgeon, those getting work done can rest assured that the routine nature of tooth extractions will make for a fast and often painless experience that won't live up to the fear surrounding it.

Wrapping Up Tips to Help You Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

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